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Senator calls it 'real property tax reform'

Mar 2, 2017
ND Legislature

A bill is making its way through the Legislature that its sponsor calls “real property tax reform.”

"It's going to change the way folks get notified of a potential property tax increase," said Sen. Dwight Cook (R-Mandan), the bill's sponsor -- and the chairman of the Senate Finance and Taxation Committee.

The bill requires all potential property tax increases – whether it be county, schools, park districts or some other taxing entity  -- to be provided to taxpayers on one single form.

Secretary of State's office

Secretary of State Al Jaeger is hoping the state Senate will restore funding for new voting machines and new electronic poll books.

Jaeger proposed a $6 million expenditure to replace the voting machines, as well as another $4 million to have electronic poll books in all the counties. But the House nixed both items.

Jaeger said the current voting machines were purchased in 2004 as part of the federal Help America Vote Act. He said the counties have had to cannibalize existing machines for parts to keep some of the machines running.

A conversation about Addiction and Incarceration with North Dakota Senator Judy Lee and Representative Kathy Hogan.

Figuring out how to reduce overcrowding in the state’s prisons is high on the agenda for many state legislators. Meg Luther Lindholm recently discussed the twin problems of drug addiction and incarceration with two legislators (a Republican and a Democrat) in this Journeys Through Justice report.

Natural North Dakota: Pierre Shale

Mar 1, 2017

Wednesday, March 1 – Sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski was already well-known in Boston when he received a letter from Lakota Chief Henry Standing Bear asking the artist to consider carving a mountain to honor a chief. In a recent presentation, Jeff Wehrung, assistant professor at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, South Dakota, reflected on Korczak's celebrity status. He visits with Lori Walsh of South Dakota Public Radio’s “In The Moment” as they discuss his presentation titled “Who is the Reluctant Celebrity?" ~~~ It’s Ash Wednesday. Pastor Joe Larson of St.

ND Legislature

A potential disagreement looms between the House and Senate over the budget bill for the Public Employees Retirement System.

The House made several changes to the make-up of the PERS board, and would make it a cabinet agency, giving the Governor appointment power for the agency director. It would also give the Legislature’s Employee Benefits Committee more oversight.

That issue boiled over two years ago, after the PERS board changed health insurance carriers. It led to a special session.

What ever happened to potash mining in ND?

Feb 28, 2017

A few years ago, potash was being touted in some circles as “the next big thing” for North Dakota.

Potash is a fertilizer. It’s big in Canada and other countries. It’s a big industry in Saskatchewan. And there is a significant deposit northwest of Minot.

However, the price dropped – and companies interested in mining North Dakota potash went to England instead.

ND Joint Information Center

State officials say the Oceti Sakowin protest camp onn the Cannonball River south of Mandan has finally been cleared.

The deadline for protesters to leave the camp was Wednesday at 2 pm – but a number of people stayed. Thursday morning, law enforcement officers told those remaining to disperse and head south to avoid arrest. Some complied – but 46 were arrested.

“We’re feel very good about the fact that now we can have full access to continue the clean-up work we’ve been initiating the last couple of weeks,”  said Gov. Doug Burgum in an interview with Prairie Public.

Coffee With Cramer: Hot Coffee and Heated Dialogue

Feb 23, 2017
T.McDonald / Prairie Public

A crowd of 200-plus filled a Fargo coffee shop Thursday afternoon for a town hall meeting with Representative Kevin Cramer. Reporter Todd McDonald was on hand and files this report…

Carly's Story: Addiction and Prison

Feb 23, 2017
Wendy Kotchian

Journeys Through Justice is a new series of stories and interviews about people caught in North Dakota’s Criminal justice system. A large majority of the people serving time in the state’s prisons and jails are addicted to drugs and or alcohol. Many also suffer from mental health problems. There’s bi-partisan agreement that the cost and the number of people cycling in and out of the system are both way too high.


News from NPR

Musicians from all over the world are settling back at home, recovering from last week's South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. Hundreds of musicians played throughout the week, for crowds big and small.

Sears used to be the titan of American retailing. But now its future is in doubt.

Shares of the company's stock tumbled 12 percent today after the company acknowledged Tuesday in its annual 10-K filing that its future viability is not a sure thing. A 10-K is a report that public companies file with the Securities and Exchange Commission, giving a comprehensive summary of the company's financial performance.

At the State Department on Wednesday, officials from 68 countries and organizations gathered for a two-day summit to coordinate plans to fight ISIS. This was the first full meeting of the Global Coalition on the Defeat of ISIS since 2014, and a chance for the Trump administration to flesh out what it wants to do differently.

So far, it is mainly stepping up a fight that the Obama administration put in motion.

For the first time in birds, researchers say they have found evidence that a New Zealand parrot has the avian equivalent of an infectious laugh.

They call it "positive emotional contagion" — which they define as "outwardly emotional actions that spread from one individual to another." In humans, this is what happens when one person hears another laugh and also starts cracking up.

Angela Chen makes money hawking her ties to important people, running a consulting firm that helps companies connect with Asia's power players.

So it inevitably attracted notice when Chen spent nearly $16 million recently to buy a four-bedroom Park Avenue penthouse owned by President Trump himself.

The February deal, which was first reported by Mother Jones, underscores one of the problems posed by Trump's ongoing business interests.

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