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Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

A Legislator is suggesting a way to help groups who want to initiate a measure to have better and more understandable drafts of those measures.

Rep. Scott Louser (R-Minot) wants to require initiated measures to be drafted by the Legislative Council, so the measures would fit into North Dakota laws.

Todd McDonald / Prairie Public

After receiving patent approval earlier this month a Wahpeton manufacturer is looking to not only expand its facilities – but to also launch a new technology in rubber belting.

Prairie Public's Todd McDonald has this story.

University of North Dakota's president said if there is a morale problem on campus it has less to do with his recent interview at a Florida school and more to do with the state legislature forcing the school to make budget cuts.

Mark Kennedy was on a short list of candidates for the Central Florida president’s job. That job went to someone in-house.

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The North Dakota Supreme Court is being asked to declare some of Gov. Doug Burgum’s line-item vetoes unconstitutional.

And at the same time, the high court is being asked to declare the Legislature's Budget Section has been given too much power over some spending decisions.

North Dakota Democrats wrapped up their convention Saturday by nominating the two people at the top of their ticket.

Democrats nominated Sen. Heidi Heitkamp for a second 6 year term in the US Senate. It's widely anticipated her Republican challenger will be Rep. Kevin Cramer, who will run for his party's endorsement at the GOP convention April 5-8th.

Representatives of North Dakota city and county government do not like a proposal to force candidates in local elections, such as city commission, school board or other elected boards, to have party identifications.

Minot Republican Representative Scott Louser has drafted a bill he wants to introduce in the 2019 session.

"I think that's an inherently bad idea," said North Dakota League of Cities executive director Blake Crosby. "The very foundation of local government is non-partisanship."

V.P. Joe Biden rallies N.D. Democrats

Mar 17, 2018
T.McDonald / Prairie Public

Former U-S Vice President Joe Biden delivered the key note address to delegates and party faithful at this year’s Democrat-NPL State Convention in Grand Forks. Reporter Todd McDonald has details…

A new report from NPR on how teachers are being paid places North Dakota just below the middle of the pack at 33rd. The study shows North Dakota teachers with a salary of 50-thousand-237 dollars annually with a slight upward adjustment when you factor in cost of living. North Dakota United President Nick Archuletta says the numbers match up with what they are seeing. He says 33rd is not a bad place to be in – especially after languishing near the bottom for many years…

ND DEM-NPL Convention is underway

Mar 16, 2018

Candidates and delegates from North Dakota's Democratic-NPL Party are gathered at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks to set the stage for this year's elections.

Events from the opening day included...

The endorsement Jean Brandt for the six-year Public Service Commission term.

That seat is now held by Republican Randy Christmann, who is seeking re-election.

Brandt is from Kramer, North Dakota – in Bottineau County. Brandt told the convention delegates she will give more than 100 percent to the race.


Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

North Dakota’s Transportation Director is concerned about what he called a “funding gap” for North Dakota’s highway system.

"As we look at our data, and we look at the condition of our transportation system, and the revenue we have coming in -- in the future, there is a funding gap," said Tom Sorel. "There's a funding gap even in the system as it is today."

DOT brought together a group of Legislators, transportation companies and others to start looking at the issue.

Sorel said a number of options are now on the table.


News from NPR

A few months ago, I wrote a check for $12,000 but couldn't figure out exactly why.

The payment was to secure a place for my mother at Sligo Creek Center, in Takoma Park, Md. It's a nursing home and rehab center owned by Genesis Healthcare.

My mother was about to be discharged from Holy Cross Hospital, in nearby Silver Spring, after a fall. Medicare wouldn't pay for her rehabilitation care.

Africa's last absolute monarch has marked his country's 50th birthday with a rather unconventional gift: a different name. During Golden Jubilee celebrations Thursday, King Mswati III announced that from this point henceforth, the land formerly known as Swaziland is now to be known as the Kingdom of eSwatini.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is levying a $1 billion fine against Wells Fargo — a record for the agency — in punishment for the banking giant's actions in its mortgage and auto loan businesses.

The CFPB said some consumers were charged too much over mortgage interest rate-lock extensions. And Wells Fargo also ran a mandatory insurance program that added insurance costs and fees into some borrowers' auto loans.

A gunman shot and killed two sheriff's deputies in a restaurant in Gilchrist County, Fla., on Thursday, in an attack that seems to have come with no warning.

Sgt. Noel Ramirez, 30, and Deputy Sheriff Taylor Lindsey, 25. were shot through the window. The gunman was later found dead nearby.

Sheriff Bobby Schultz called the two deputies "the best of the best," adding, "They're men of integrity, they're men of loyalty. They're God-fearing, and they loved what they did. And we're very proud of them."

Where other chefs might see kitchen trash, Tim Ma finds treasure — for his culinary creations, and his bottom line.

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