North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem has issued a “Cease and Desist: order against a fake charity that claims it’s raising money to send CARE packages to overseas soldiers.

The charity is “Nationwide Soldier Support.” Stenehjem said he received complaints about door-to-door solicitations by the group. He said that group is not registered as a charitable organization or as a professional fundraiser.

Stenehjem said investigators called the organization, and it promised to provide some information on its North Dakota activities. That information never came.

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The executive director of the North Dakota Retail Association says his members are optimistic – but conservative – in their outlook for the Christmas shopping season.

Mike Rud says nationally, retailers predict a 3.6 to 4 percent growth in Christmas sales year-over-year. Rud says earlier this fall, North Dakota stores weren’t as optimistic about those numbers.

"I'm not seeing that sense of optimism that I've seen in the past," Rud said.

But Rud said that attitude could change -- given some of North Dakota's economic factors right now.

Wednesday, November 22 – It wouldn’t be the start of the holiday season without a visit from Tim Kasper of the Blenders. In addition to the new show they’ll be touring, there’s a new CD: “Holy Night,” a collection of ten songs, a blend of new and old favorites.

Farm Rescue to assist ranchers with livestock feed

Nov 22, 2017

Farm Rescue has helped over 500 farm families through injury, illness and natural disasters since 2006 - and now they're focusing on helping ranching families this winter.

Dan Errdman is a spokesman for Farm Rescue. He says Farm Rescue has hauled hay for livestock feeding assistance since 2012, including this past summer during the draught. This winter Farm Rescue is expanding its livestock feeding assistance throughout its entire service area, which includes North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska and Iowa. He says they're now looking for volunteers.

11th annual Fill The Dome marks another success

Nov 22, 2017
T.McDonald / Prairie Public

The 2017 total weight in collected food was down slightly… But it doesn’t diminish the accomplishment. Prairie Public Reporter Todd McDonald has details...

Heitkamp holds Bismarck rally for pension protection

Nov 22, 2017
Sen. Heitkamp's office

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) held a "pension rally" at the North Dakota Teamsters' Union headquarters in Bismarck Tuesday (11-21).

Heitkamp said she’s helped to write a bill that would protect retirees -- mainly UPS drivers, other truckers and grocery workers -- who depend on the Central States Pension Fund for their pensions.

The fund became insolvent, and the federal government had to take it over.  Pensioners may face benefit cuts. The federal Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation will also become insolvent, if the Central States Fund and other pension plans fail.

A consultant to the Department of Public Instruction’s statewide k-12 “visioning process” says North Dakota does well in terms of providing education – but there is some room for improvement.  

Martha Taylor Greenway is the president of Greenway Strategy Group. She said she’s working with a group of educational leaders chosen by DPI – and the group is working on a “strategic plan” for K-12 education.

Greenway said the group is looking for a shared vision – to make sure all students are “choice ready.”

A new survey of North Dakota schools shows schools place a high importance on the “regional educational associations,” or REAs.

The study was done by the North Dakota Council of Educational Leaders. Council executive director Aimee Copas presented the results to the Legislature's  interim Education Policy Committee.  Copas said the survey showed schools believe the REAs are a critical component for the state’s educational system.

On Vision West ND's Agenda: Ferries and Drones

Nov 20, 2017
Passenger Productions

A regional planning organization in western North Dakota is looking at ferry service across Lake Sakakawea.

The ferry would cross the lake in the Twin Buttes area.

Vision West ND is a planning consortium made up of 19 western North Dakota counties, the Three Affiliated Tribes and some other government groups. The consortium's Deb Nelson said the project is now a part of the tribal government’s transportation plan – and she said that will help the proposal fly.

State of North Dakota

When Governor Doug Burgum announced he would like to see North Dakota reach an oil production level of two-Million barrels a day it was more of an aspiration than a goal. Reporter Todd McDonald has details…