"Alex not Amy, Growing up Transgender in the Rural West" ~ Teacher Olivia Becker

Monday, June 11 – Today we share a compelling documentary from Montana Public Radio titled “Alex not Amy – Growing up transgender in the rural West.” Producer Denise Dowling shares the story of ten-year-old Alex O'Neill, who knew since he was a toddler that he's a boy, despite being assigned female at birth. The documentary follows his transition as he changes his legal and social gender. The piece explores the various laws, identification policies, school and sports guidelines regarding transgender youth. ~~~ In her four years as a grade school teacher in Bismarck, Olivia Becker says she has done a 180 in terms of her teaching philosophy.  Her reinvented teaching style now focuses on student choice, an open concept classroom, yoga, and mindfulness. In this excerpt from The Cutting Ed podcast with host Tom Gerhardt, she says those changes have transformed students in terms of educational and behavioral outcomes.