Bids for first 3 phases for Minot flood control under budget, state money reallocated to rural area

Apr 15, 2018

Credit City of Minot

The state Water Commission has reallocated just over $11 million from the flood protection efforts in the city of Minot to do work outside the city.

Construction on the first three phases of the project is underway in Minot.

Souris River Water Board representative Ryan Ackerman told the Water Commission the budget for those three phases was about $120 million.

"The bids came in roughly around $100 million," Ackerman said. "We had the savings of $20 million."

The state share is roughly 65 percent of that, or about $11 million.

Ackerman said the estimates were based on the earlier project, where the city built protection for the water treatment plant.

"We just happened to catch the market at the right time when the project was bid," Ackerman said. "So, instead of me coming back before this board with my tail between my legs because the pendulum swung the other way, we're saying we brought this in about 17 percent below budget. And we're asking you to support us doing more good with the available funding."

Ackerman said the money will help with work on flood protection in rural areas outside Minot.

"The Mouse River project has gotten this label of it being the 'Minot flood control project,'" Ackerman said. "It's not."

The Souris board had also asked for another $4.5 million for property acquisitions. But the budget available for that line item from the Water Commission would only permit $1 million.