Bill would put all of ND on Central time, eliminating 'daylight savings time'

Jan 12, 2017

A state Senator thinks it’s time for a change – in time, that is.

Sen. Dave Oehlke (R-Devils Lake) has a bill to put all of North Dakota on Central Standard Time. And it would eliminate Daylight Savings Time for the state.

Oehlke has a number of co-sponsors. He said they all think it’s time to make this change.

"A couple of those folks have businesses that operate on both sides of the state, in both time zones," Oehlke said. "They see the total sense of making it work for their businesses in particular."

As for Daylight Savings Time?

"There are people who say it's silly," Oehlke said. "All it does is disrupt people's sleeping patterns for a week or two. And it really doesn't change when the sun comes up and when the moon shines."

As well, Oehlke said Daylight Savings Time was Ben Franklin's joke on mankind.

"He wasn't really serious about it," Oehlke said.

No time has yet been set for the hearing.