Catholic Benefits Association, Fargo Diocese file lawsuit

Dec 28, 2016

The Catholic Benefits Association and the Diocese of Fargo have filed a lawsuit in federal district court in North Dakota.

The lawsuit challenges federal rules requiring Catholic hospitals, healthcare providers and group insurers to perform and pay for gender transition procedures and abortions. Archbishop William Lori is Chairman of the Catholic Benefits Association. He says the rules are contrary  to their own medical judgment and values, and that they are part of a multi-agency effort to redefine the term "sex" in anti-discrimination laws.

Bishop John Folda of the Diocese of Fargo said in a statement released by the Diocese, "We ask only for the freedom to serve consistent with our conscience and our Catholic faith. While we do not discriminate against individuals because of their orientation, our Catholic values will not permit us to pay for or facilitate actions that are contrary to our own faith. While initiating a lawsuit is not something we take lightly, this new mandate represents a grave threat to religious freedom."