Cell phone use banned in ND state fleet vehicles

Aug 8, 2018

If you’re a state employee who needs to drive a state fleet vehicle, you cannot use your cell phone while you’re behind the wheel.

That’s the policy adopted by the North Dakota Department of Transportation. It took effect July 1.

"We know that it's a factor in crashes much more than it's reported," said NDDOT Safety Division Director Karin Mongeon.

Mongeon said at the national level, it results in about 9 deaths and 100 injuries daily.

"That's a compelling statistic, because that's every day," Mongeon said. "And it could be even more deaths an injuries than that."

Mongeon said it's a matter of common sense.

"We see this being done by motorists all the time," Mongeon said. "So it's common sense that cell phone use while driving plays a significant factor in distracted driving crashes."

Mongeon said it’s a part of the DOT’s “Vision Zero” goal to reduce fatalities on North Dakota roads.