Dakota Gasification Company joint partnership for marketing nitrogen fertilizer

May 21, 2018

Credit Dakota Gasification Company

The Dakota Gasification Company has entered into a joint partnership with OCI NV to sell nitrogen fertilizer and diesel exhaust fluid in North America.

Dakota Gasification is a for-profit subsidiary of Basin Electric Power Cooperative.

The joint venture is being named N-7 LLC.      

"It's called N-7 because nitrogen is the 7th element in the periodic table," said Basin Electric spokesman Curt Pearson.

Pearson said N-7 will market  and distribute more than 4.5 million metric tons of nitrogen fertilizers from the Beulah plant.

"Of particular interest to the Basin membership is that they will have a complementary production facility in Iowa," Pearson said. "That's the Iowa Fertilizer Company. So if one or the other of these facilities has a technical problem or a mechanical breakdown, fertilizer will be able to be shipped from the other partner."

Pearson said it will alsosave on shipping and marketing costs.

The new company should be up and running by late summer.