Dalrymple: Despite oil and ag slowdown, ND's economy is doing 'fine'

Apr 7, 2016

Gov. Jack Dalrymple addresses the statewide Demographics Summit at BSC.
Credit Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple says despite a slowing of the oil and agriculture sectors, the state’s economy is doing very well.

Dalrymple says you can see that in the state’s population growth.

"We are now at a new all-time record level, 757,000 people," Dalrymple said. "We're still one of the fastest growing states."

And Dalrymple says an ever better indicator of that is the amount of job openings in the state right now.

"15, 243," Dalrymple told the statewide Demographics Summit, held at Bismarck State College. "That's up about 2000 job openings just from last month."

Dalrymple says that shows the state's efforts to diversify its economy are working -- and other economic sectors are doing very well.

"Technology's been doing well," said Dalrymple. "Tourism's been doing well. Service industries have been doing well. There's a lot more to oyur economic story than just oil and gas."

And Dalrymple took issue with candidates who say the state is not doing well.

"It's politics," Dalrymple said. "There are people who feel it may be in their interest to create concern about North Dakota. We understand that. But the facts are, we're doing just fine."