Democrats nominate Heidi Heitkamp for US Senate, Mac Schneider for US House

Mar 18, 2018

North Dakota Democrats wrapped up their convention Saturday by nominating the two people at the top of their ticket.

Democrats nominated Sen. Heidi Heitkamp for a second 6 year term in the US Senate. It's widely anticipated her Republican challenger will be Rep. Kevin Cramer, who will run for his party's endorsement at the GOP convention April 5-8th.

Meanwhile, former state Sen. Mac Schneider was chosen as the candidate for the US House seat, which will now be an open seat, with Cramer running for the US Senate. Schneider defeated. former state Rep. Ben Hanson and State Sen. John Grabinger (D-Jamestown) on the first ballot. Schneider received 375 votes, Hanson 206 and Grabinger 31.