Eclipse Expert Andrew Fraknoi ~ Singer-Songwriter Tom Brosseau

Jul 25, 2017

Andrew Fraknoi is an award-winning astronomer and one of the country’s leading experts on what scientists are calling the All-American Eclipse. He also penned a children’s eclipse book called “When the Sun Goes Dark.”  He joins us to talk about the full eclipse of the sun that’s coming up next month. ~~~ Grand Forks native Tom Brosseau is returning to the state for a special run of performances next month in Medora. “The Great American Folk Show with Tom Brosseau” will coincide with the release of a new album called “Treasures Untold!”  It’s a collection. 10 songs – 6 from the Great American Folksong Book and 4 Brosseau originals recorded live at a private event in Germany. He joins us to discuss this new collection of tunes and to preview the show. ~~~ A Plain Folk essay from NDSU historian Tom Isern: “The Prairie Garden.” ~~~ Chuck Lura shares a Natural North Dakota essay on molting waterfowl.