Family History Workshop ~ Good Eating in German-Russian Country

Sep 6, 2017

Paula Stuart-Warren is a certified genealogist, and she loves to get others excited about discovering family history. She’ll be a featured presenter at the 42nd Family History Workshop in Moorhead on September 23rd. Joining the conversation with additional conference information is Les Bakke, a member of the Heritage Education Commission, which is sponsoring the event. ~~~ Commentary from Tom Isern “Sharing Songs Across the Prairies.” ~~~ More family heritage as we visit with Bob Dambach, director of television, about  Prairie Public’s newest television documentary, “Gutes Essen: Good Eating in German-Russian Country.” It celebrates the food culture of the Germans from Russia who emigrated to south central North Dakota beginning in the 1880s. ~~~ A report from Harvest Public Media on a plan to counter the loss of grocery stores in rural communities.