Farm Rescue to assist ranchers with livestock feed

Nov 22, 2017

Farm Rescue has helped over 500 farm families through injury, illness and natural disasters since 2006 - and now they're focusing on helping ranching families this winter.

Dan Errdman is a spokesman for Farm Rescue. He says Farm Rescue has hauled hay for livestock feeding assistance since 2012, including this past summer during the draught. This winter Farm Rescue is expanding its livestock feeding assistance throughout its entire service area, which includes North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska and Iowa. He says they're now looking for volunteers.

"This is a new service that we're offering, so we're definitely looking for new volunteers to follow through with that. So it's going to be a process of going to a farm and operating some equipment to make sure that farmer's livestock gets fed - so if you're someone who might be interested in volunteering for that, we'd love to have you. You can go right to our website and fill out our application."

Errdman says ranchers themselves can apply for assistance online at, or by calling 701-252-2017. Ranchers can also be nominated for assistance.