Health Dept. identifies 8 medical marijuana dispensary 'zones'

Jan 12, 2018

Credit File photo

The state Health Department has established eight regions for medical marijuana dispensaries.

The eight regions are based on the state’s largest cities -- Bismarck, Fargo, Grand Forks, Minot, Dickinson, Jamestown, Williston and Devils Lake.

A dispensary can be located within a 50 mile radius of each of those cities.

Medical Marijuana Division interim director Jason Wahl said the requirements for a dispensary are outlined in state law.

"A dispensary has to be registered with the Secretary of State," Wahl said. "It would need to submit evidence of approval from local officials. The location is not within 1000 feet of  a school."

The rules have to be approved by the Attorney General and the Legislature’s interim Administrative Rules Committee before the department can accept application for the dispensaries, or for two manufacturers.

"We are projecting usable marijuana being available for qualifying patients by the end of the calendar year, right in the October-December time frame," Wahl said.