Inside Energy: Coal deaths down

Jan 8, 2015

Coal mining deaths in 2014 hit a record low, according to new data from the Department of Labor. Wyoming Public Radio’s Stephanie Joyce reports for Inside Energy.


Sixteen coal miners died on the job nationwide in 2014, two fewer than the previous record low in 2009. Joseph Main is the head of the Mine Safety and Health Administration. He says it’s a sign the agency’s work has been successful.

07CoalDeaths - 1a (:08s) “If you look at the distance we’ve came since 1977 and where we’re at now, I always say that the distance we have to go is shorter.”

All the same, Main says there’s more to be done to reach the goal of zero fatalities.
All mining deaths -- not just coal mining -- are also expected to be down this year, although not at record lows. SOQ