Legislature approves expanded definition of 'distracted driving'

Mar 21, 2017

Sen. David Rust (R-Tioga).
Credit ND Legislature

The Legislature has approved a bill to expand the definition of “distracted driving.”

It changes the “no texting while driving” law passed in an earlier session. The new bill says if a driver commits a traffic offense or gets into a crash while distracted, the driver could be fined $100.

"It's a secondary offense," said Sen. David Rust (R-Tioga). "If I'm driving and eating a cheeseburger, is that distracted driving? No. Distracted driving would be if you commit an offense because you were distracted by eatingb that cheeseburger."

But Sen. Kelly Armstrong (R-Dickinson) had some questions about the bill.

"It would be hard to prove," Armstrong said.

The bill passed 37 to 9. It now goes to Gov. Doug Burgum.