Load restrictions for truckers will ease on ND's Interstate highways

Apr 17, 2018

Commerce Commissioner Jay Schuler.
Credit ND Commerce dept.

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The most recent Omnibus spending bill Congress approved has a provision that eases load restriction on North Dakota Interstate highways.

It affects I-29 and I-94.

"What that means is, we can probably decrease our cost of transportation by 30 percent," said North Dakota Commerce Commissioner Jay Schuler. "In the case of containers, we'll be able to pull two 20 foot containers versus one."

Schuler said there's a little more expense on loading and unloading.

"But it's going to offer some pretty good opportunities," Schuler said.

Schuler said this might not affect traffic to Minneapolis, because he doesn’t expect Minnesota will change its rules.

"But Canada already has," Schuler said. "There's a very good chance we can see more and more of our containers go on I-29 and I-94 up to Winnipeg."

Schuler said it should lead to better efficiency and lower rates.

"That will mean more money for our farmers and our processors," Schuler said. "And we should be able to expand our specialty crops."

Schuler said I-29 and I-94 have been built to handle the heavier loads.