"Movie prop" money stolen in Moorhead

Mar 29, 2017

A stack of "movie prop" one hundred dollar bills was stolen from a National Guard recruiting table on the Minnesota State University Moorhead Campus on Tuesday afternoon.

Moorhead Police Lieutenant Tory Jacobson says the fake money was used by the National Guard to demonstrate cost savings for college to potential recruits. He says area businesses need to be aware that they may turn up in the community.

"It's actually something that somewhat resembles our 100 dollar bill, obviously, however, upon closer inspection you can see that it doesn't have the security features and the paper has a different feel to it. But it is the same size, and our fear is that somebody will try to pass off - whether it's individually, or try and slip these into a larger purchase and deceive somebody."

Jacobson says anyone who receives any of the fake bills, knows about the theft or has any information on the incident is encouraged to contact their local law enforcement agency.