ND #1 in election administration

Mar 6, 2013

North Dakota is first in the nation when it comes to how elections are handled.

The study was conducted by the Pew Charitable Trust – and was for the year 2010. The study looked at 17 different criteria – including such things as wait times, handling absentee ballots and early voting, and the availability of on-line voter education tools. That study was released earlier this year.

"Our goal has always been that the day after the election, the discussion is about the results of the election, and not about the voting process," said Secretary of State Al Jaeger, the state's chief election official. "We've been able to do that for a number of cycles."

Jaeger says his office has an excellent partnership with county auditors, and he gives a lot of credit to the few thousand people statewide that work on elections. He also credits his staff.

"To be recognized as number one is really a big thing," said Jaeger.

In 2008, North Dakota ranked second.