ND Foster Program Gains High Marks

Aug 24, 2017

Officials with the state’s “Title IV-E” foster care program are celebrating some high marks after a recent federal review…

“…It was very rewarding. Foster care be a challenging topic and so when we get a win, it’s really exciting.”

Kelsey Bless is administrator of the Health Department’s foster care permanency program. She says the review looks organization of the program in terms of the state’s eligibility, processing, management, and payments in a case, as well as files from the providers. She says overall the reviewers looked at 80 cases entailing 240 files…

“…You are allowed up to four errors anytime this review occurs. In the past we may have got an error for an adding or something. And we would pay that back if it had happened. But we’ve never exceeded the non-compliance where they would come every year to do our file reviews. So historically we’ve been doing a good job. This year I would say we exceeded our own expectations and have zero errors, which is really exciting.”

Bless says the ultimate goal is to keep things going by staying with policy and keeping communications open through the system.