North Dakota the 5th best state for teachers

Sep 24, 2018

A recent survey of the best and worst states for teachers has North Dakota listed as the 5th best.

The survey was conducted by Wallet Hub, a personal finance website. Analyst Jill Gonzalez says there were a number of bright spots for North Dakota in the survey.

"The school system overall is pretty good, good test scores, etc. The pupil to teacher ratio is right in that sweet spot of about 15 to 17 students per every one teacher. Some states go as low as 11 or 12, some states are up to 24 or 25 - so that's a pretty good mark as far as the ratio there. It's small enough to get students that attention that they need. We're also seeing that teacher saftey is very high, which of course after the past couple of years, is not the case in every state."

Gonzalez says when it comes to competition, that's one area that may need some tweaking in North Dakota in the future.

"This is not necessarily good news for teachers, but good news for students and parents. There is a lot of projected competition by the year 2026, so over the next decade or so we're going to see a higher number of projected teachers for every 1,000 students. So that means jobs are going to be harder to come by and salaries might fluctuate as well. But right now salaries are looking pretty good for teachers, adjusting for the cost of living. So let's see how that looks in a few years."

Gonzalez says the only states better for teachers than North Dakota are New York, Connecticut, Minnesota and Illinois.