North Dakota awards contract for medical pot tracking system

Feb 15, 2018

North Dakota is one step closer to implementing medical marijuana: the state has awarded a contract for a medical marijuana tracking system.

The system is called BioTrackTHC, which includes a seed-to-sale tracking system, as well as a registration system. Medical Marijuana Division Director Jason Wahl says this will help the state effectively monitor all activities of manufacturing and dispensing facilities.

"The division will have the ability to identify plants, and in regards to the growing of a plant into the processing cycle of it being hung to dry, all the way through the processing and when usable marijuana is being shipped and transported to a dispensary. The system will also allow us to capture data in regards to when usable  marijuana is being dispensed for qualifying patients. That way the Division of Medical Marijuana will be able to monitor and track and ensure that the maximum purchasing amounts that are in state law are not being exceeded by qualifying patients."

Wahl says the registration side of the system will process applications from qualifying patients, designated caregivers and compassion centers. He says it will print the registration cards the patients will need in order to purchase and use the medical marijuana.

Wahl says the next step to implementation of medical marijuana is in regard to administrative rules; he says a legislative administrative rules committee will review the rules submitted to them next month. Wahl says the current implementation timeline has medical marijuana being available to patients by the end of this year.