North Dakota schedules three racing weekends

Jul 9, 2017

The North Dakota Horse Park will be hosting three weekends of horse racing beginning next Saturday.

And the park’s general manager is expecting a good season.

For the first time in years, horse races will be held on two Friday nights, July 21st and 28th.

Park general manager Mike Schmitz said he thinks the horse racing industry is alive and well in North Dakota.

"As an industry, we're putting more into te state's coffers than our appropriations," Schmitz said in an interview.

Schmitz also said NDSU has just finished an impact study on horse racing.

"The secondary impact of horse racing per year is estimated to be $15.2 million," Schmitz said. "The total impact -- direct and indirect -- is about $24.2 million."

Schmitz said that's something people probably don't know.

"They say, 'Hey, I didn't realize it's as significant as it is," Schmitz said. "It means a lot to a lot of folks."

The general admission to the Horse Park is $5 – with kids 12 and under free.