Pembina motor coach manufacturing plant hiring

Feb 15, 2017

Brochure for Motor Coach Industries of Pembina, ND.
Credit Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

Motor Coach Industries in Pembina will soon be hanging a “Help Wanted” sign.

"Things are going well," said MCI plant manager Ron Storey. "Our business is doing quite well. And in tghe next month, we'll be hiring more employees."

MCI already employs 216 people. Storey said the plan is to hire 15 more people now – and more could be hired this fall.

"We have a workforce that's aging," Storey said. "We know we're probably going to have up to a dozen individuals retiring this year. We could be hiring in excess of 30 people for the year before we're all done."

Last year, the plant built 391 motor coaches – and Storey said that could top 400 this year.

"We have some really good contracts," Storey said. "Just last year we signed a contract with New Jersey Transit for over 1100 coaches over the next five years. We also have a contract with Houston Metro for 75 coaches, and we're working on a couple other contracts that are significant as well."

MCI is a subsidiary of New Flyer Industries, the largest bus and motor coach manufacturer in North America.