Police request public's help in search for Savanna Lafontaine-Greywind

Aug 25, 2017

Fargo Police Chief Dave Todd says he is confident the people they have in custody are responsible for the disappearance of Savanna Lafontaine-Greywind.

Police executed a search warrant yesterday afternoon and found an infant baby girl in Apartment 5, an upstairs unit of the complex Greywind lives in with her family. The baby was found with 38 year-old Brooke Crews, who was then taken into custody. 32 year-old William Hoehn was taken into custody after a traffic stop. Todd says through interviews conducted with the suspects, it was determined that the baby girl is Greywind's. A DNA result should confirm her identity within the next few days. But Todd says neither suspect is being cooperative when it comes to discussing Greywind's current whereabouts, and they have requested legal counsel.

"At that point, we arrested both of them, and charged them with a Class A felony: conspiracy to commit kidnapping."

Todd says every resource available to the Fargo Police Department has been deployed to find Greywind, and he is now calling on the public for help.

"Please check your property, buildings, garages and outbuildings for any sign of entry or any sign of anyone having been there. Landlords, please check your vacant apartments that you may have for any sign of entry or evidence that anybody has been there. If you are willing to check dumpsters, we are asking the public's help in doing that. However just make sure you put the garbage back into the dumpster when you are done. We ask that in doing all of this that you please respect other people's private property while you are assisting us."

Todd says they are also seeking information on the whereabouts of a grey-green Jeep Grand

Police are asking the public's assistance in learning the whereabouts of this Jeep last Saturday and Sunday.
Credit Fargo Police Department

 Cherokee on Saturday and Sunday. The Jeep has Minnesota plates 867 EPR, and peeling paint on its hood. Anyone with any information regarding the Jeep, anything they may find, or anything they saw they want to report is encouraged to call First Link at 701-235-7335.