'Real ID' rolling out in ND

May 1, 2018

03023 Real ID                                                          5-1-18 ddt

North Dakota’s Department of Transportation has begun issuing “Real ID” at its Bismarck driver’s license office.

"A 'Real ID' is a credential that meets the standards the federal government set," said DOT Driver's License Division director Glenn Jackson. "The credential can be used for boarding aircraft, entry to federal facilities, military installations, things like that."

Jackson said under North Dakota law, it is an option for drivers, not a mandated. But he said by October first of 2020, you will need a “real ID credential” to board an airplane.

"A 'Real ID' credential is a US Passport,  a military ID card, or a 'Real ID' compliant driver's license or ID card issued by a state," Jackson said.

If you want to apply for a “real ID” driver’s license, here’s what you need to do:

"You bring back in all the information you brought to get your original driver's license," Jackson said. "Your birth certificate or a passport, Social Security number."

Jackson said that information will be scanned to save the image.

"This still is state data," Jackson said. "We don't share it with anybody."

Jackson said the license itself won’t look any different from the one you have now.

Real ID will be available at other driver’s license offices later this month.