Sanford Health Plan will remain on ND's ACA exchange in 5 counties

Oct 27, 2017

Sanford Health Plan will be offering health insurance coverage in five North Dakota counties on the Affordable Care Act Exchange

Sanford’s TRUE plan will be available in Traill, Cass, Oliver, Burleigh and Morton counties.

North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread said this follows his announcement last week that he would not re-open a rate discussion after President Trump signed an order ending cost-sharing reduction payments to insurance carriers, to reduce rates for lower-income subscribers.

"We were in constant communication with them (Sanford) regarding their level of activity on the Exchange, and what level they would be at," Godfread said. "There was certainly a possibility that Sanford would completely pull out of the exchange. We appreciate their commitment, and we apreciate Blue Cross Blue Shield's commitment to remain the statewide plan on the exchange."

Godfread said Sanford, Blue Cross-Blue Shield and Medica will be offering health insurance plans off the exchange.

"We've got competition in our marketplace," Godfread said. "That's something that does not exist across the country."

The enrollment period for people to buy insurance on the Exchange runs from November first to December 15th.