"Stand with Charlottesville" event in Bismarck

Aug 15, 2017

Credit Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

More than 70 people turned out at Bismarck’s Custer Park for what organizers called a “Stand with Charlottesville” event.

They were there to protest racism – and remember the woman who was killed during Saturday’s protests in Charlottesville.

"We're coming together in peace and unity," said Kevin Tangesdahl, one of the rally's organizers. "We want to share support for persons of all colors across the country, and especially here in North Dakota."

Paul Zondo of Bismarck.
Credit Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

Paul Zondo was born in Liberia – and came to the US a few years ago. He now lives and works in Bismarck. Zondo said he hopes the country can – as he put it – “turn the page and move on.”

"We're better together," Zondo said. "We're stronger together. We have the greatest country on the face of the earth, because of our tolerance of one another, irrespective of how we look, where we come from, how we talk, what lifestyle we choose -- we are better together."

Participants lined up along Washington Street, carrying signs denouncing racism.