State funding of county social service programs begins in January

Dec 22, 2017

State human services director Chris Jones.
Credit Dept of Human Services

During the 2017 Legislative session, it was touted as permanent property tax relief.

And the state takeover of payments for county social service programs is coming to fruition.

That is happening as the state is ending its 12-percent property tax buy-down program.

"The counties will receive their first payment on Jan. 10th," said North Dakota Human Services Director Chris Jones.

Counties could levy up to 20 mills to pay for those programs. But because of the takeover, those 20 mills have gone away.

Jones said this also fits in to a study of how to redesign social service delivery across the state.

"How do we improve the processes, how do we take the waste out of the processes, and how do we best serve the clients and the taxpayers," Jones said.

Jones said county social service directors are involved in the study. He says the goal is to bring a plan to the 2019 Legislature.

"It really ties back into one of the Governor's initiatives of reinventing government," Jones said. "Putting the citizen in the middle, and delivering the most efficient services as possible."