'Track a Plow' now available on the NDDOT Website

Jan 18, 2018

The North Dakota Department of Transportation has launched what it calls “Track A Plow.”

You’ll find it on the DOT Web site. It's a pilot program.

"We're showing the public where some selected snow plows are operating, so you'll be able to see their direction and their speed," said DOT State maintenance engineer Brad Darr. "There are little 'bread crumbs' behind it so you can see which direction it's heading."

Darr said 47 of the 350 plows are equipped with the technology. He said the pilot program will last a year, and it could be expanded going forward.

DOT’s Peggy Anderson said it’s another tool to help keep drivers safe.

"Now they can see if the plow's been out in their area," Anderson said. "It's another tool to help motorists plan their trips."

DOT reports there have been a number of car-snowplow collisions this winter season.