Trucks could bypass weigh stations under a provision in the Highway Patrol budget bill

Apr 17, 2017

Rep. Mike Nathe (R-Bismarck).
Credit ND Legislature

The North Dakota Highway Patrol funding bill is now on its way to Governor Burgum.

In that budget bill – the Patrol is authorized to set up a “weigh station bypass” program for trucking companies that have a good safety record.

"Think of it as a 'pre-check' for trucking," said Rep. Mike Nathe (R-Bismarck).

Nathe told the House this program uses technology to allow the trucks to be pre-screened for compliance with safety and weight regulations as the trucks approach fixed or portable weigh stations.

"Several miles before a weigh station, trucks are electronically identified and weighed, and if the vehicle's weight and credentials are found to be satisfactory, the drivers are signalled to bypass the weigh station," Nathe said. "If those cannot be verified, the driver is required to pull into a weigh station for processing. This saves time and money for both law enforcement and motor carriers."

The conference committee version passed the House 86 to 5. It had earlier passed the Senate.