Trump stumps for tax reform in ND speech

Sep 6, 2017

Andeavor Refinery, formerly Tesoro Refinery, in Mandan, venue for President Donald Trump's tax reform speech.
Credit Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

President Trump came to North Dakota with a message – the country needs tax reform to get the economy revved up.

"If we want to renew our prosperity, restore our opportunity and re-establish our economic dominance, which is what we should be doing, then we need tax reform that is pro-growth, pro-jobs, pro-worker, pro-family, and pro-American," the President told an invited audience of 700 people at the Andeavor oil refinery in Mandan, ND.

Mr. Trump told the crowd the idea is to cut taxes, especially for businesses and for the middle class. The plan would also eliminate the so called “death tax,” which is the taxes on certain inheritances. He said the tax cuts would be the biggest since President Reagan’s term.

The President also repeated a line he used in an earlier speech in Missouri, concerning those in Congress who would oppose tax reform.

"Anybody that's going to vote against tax cuts and tax reform, whether it's in North Dakota or anybody else or anyplace else, you've got to vote against them and get them out of office," Mr. Trump said. "It is so bad."

North Dakota’s Congressional delegation traveled with the President to North Dakota. One member of the delegation is a Democrat – Senator Heidi Heitkamp. The President did encourage Heitkamp to support the plan.

"Everyone is saying, 'What's she doing up here," Mr. Trump said after inviting Heitkamp to the podium. "But I'll tell you what -- (she's a) good woman, and I hope we'll have your support."

The President said taxes in the US are possibly the highest in the world. And he called the complexity of the tax code a "self-inflicted wound."