UND preparing to tear down more buildings

Mar 6, 2018

UND is getting ready to tear down more buildings.

The Board of Higher Education has given UND the go-ahead to remove Robertson/Sayre Hall and Corwin/Larimore Hall.

UND Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management Mike Pieper said the plan is to start demolition in May, with an August completion.

So, what happens to that space?

"Initially, we'll get it so it drains well," Pieper said. "Initially, it will be green space."

PIeper said discussions are being held for future use of that space as part of the University's planning process.

"Nothing has really been solidified," Pieper said.

So far, UND has torn down six buildings that would cost more to renovate than remove. Pieper said they're mostly smaller buidings on the edge of campus.

"This summer, along with those two buildings, we'll remove Chandler, which the Board approved last year," Pieper said. "And a number of the low density single story housing units that will be demo'ed."