University system IT working on security

Nov 3, 2014

Information technology professionals in the state University System say they’re working to improve the security of the state’s computer systems – in the wake of some incidents of hacking, and “phishing.”

"We have been focusing on a number of different things, from a security perspective," said University System deputy chief information officer Darren King. "Each of these represents efforts to continue to try and build out security controls that are appropriate in today's threat landscape."

King says protection software and monitoring are being updated, and have begun security training for employees.

"We are currently implementing a 12 section curriculum," said King. "So once a month, all CTS employees watch a short five minute video, and then have to take a quiz afterwards."

King says there's also a newsletter, and after Christmas, there will be a series of "lunch and learn" sessions for the employees. He says it's geared toward raising awareness.

"The humans involved in information technology are a large part of the security effort," said King. "I'm an old K-12 guy, so I know that you don't do it once and then walk away -- you need to continually work with it."

King says he’s pleased with the security efforts thus far.