USACoE back funding for "Plan B "

May 3, 2018

Senator John Hoeven says there has been a lot of support put behind the Red River Diversion project from all levels. He says while the diversion is important to the Fargo-Moorhead area, the private-public-partnership used to develop the project is becoming an item of interest for others…

"...We have the equation. This P-3 project is an equation that the rest of the country is looking at. Right no this is the the P-3 project for the Corps of Engineers."

In a meeting with the Metro Flood Diversion Authority Hoeven says as the group works its way toward getting a needed permit from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and through a lawsuit by diversion opponents, the project has support of the Army Corps. Hoeven says proof of that support was shown during a meeting this week with Corps officials. He says officials have backed a request to continue funding the project…

“…This year the request that I received is $35-Million. That's what we will have in the work plan is $35-Million for this year. That has to go through the O-M-B process. So we're never done until we get it through the O-M-B process but we're tracking very well on it.”

Hoeven says congress is also working on supplemental funding for the Army Corps that could extend beyond this year. He says the money is part of a plan to “work forward” and be ready to fund projects that are ready to go.

Governor Doug Burgum and U.S. Senator John Hoeven join the Metro Flood Diversion Authority
Credit T.McDonald / Prairie Public