Wardner: No need for a special session

Mar 11, 2014

North Dakota's Senate Majority Leader says there is no need to call a special legislative to deal with issues in the west caused by oil development.

Democratic legislative leaders have been calling for a special session. But Sen. Rich Wardner (R-Dickinson) says now is not the time.

"When we get into the regular session, we will be able to do a better job of taking care of the western counties in the oil impact area," said Wardner. "If we go into a special session, they will not get what they want."

Wardner says lawmakers in a regular session will be able to spend time on the issue, and make the right decision.

"And it's only 10 months away," said Wardner.

Wardner says he’s hoping the 2015 Legislature will move quickly on getting aid to the oil producing counties.