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Interview program of the Prairie Public radio network, the NPR affiliate serving North Dakota and bordering areas.

Kauffman Foundation CEO Wendy Guillies at TEDx Fargo

Sep 5, 2017

Another highlight from this year’s TEDxFargo as we hear from Wendy Guillies, CEO of the Kauffman Foundation.

Tuesday, September 5 – Laetitia Mizero Hellerud, a native of Burundi, is a four-time refugee. She has now found a home in North Dakota, and has written a book titled: “Being at Home in the World, Cross-Cultural Leadership Lessons to Guide Your Journey.” She joins us to share her stories of adaptation and her theme of finding your home in the midst of chaos and struggle. ~~~ Another highlight from this year’s TEDxFargo as we hear from Wendy Guillies, CEO of the Kauffman Foundation.

Narrative 4 is a global story exchange. People meet and share their journeys with seemingly opposite people. Its mission is to create more empathetic citizens. Dawn Duncan is Narrative 4’s project manager for Minnesota and the Dakotas. Hamida Dakane is a story exchange participant. They show how Narrative 4 works. ~~~ Also today, it’s Labor Day. Philosopher and radio host Jack Russell Weinstein considers the value of work with journalist and writer Rutger Bregman, whose latest book is called “Utopia for Realists and How We Can Do It.”

Out today is a new book co-edited by Hilda Koster, Concordia College professor of religion. It’s called “Planetary Solidarity: Women, Theology and Climate Justice in Global Perspectives.” Women make up the majority of the world’s poor and are disproportionately affected by climate change. The book features several writers who explore how Christian doctrine might address that suffering. ~~~ Hurricane Harvey is wreaking havoc on the oil industry.

Eden McLeod is the executive director of FARRMS (Foundation for Agricultural Rural Resources for Sustainability).

Natural North Dakota: Big Bluestem

Aug 30, 2017

Wednesday, August 30 – The Great Plains Food Bank distributes food assistance to 215 partner programs across North Dakota and Clay County in Minnesota. One of the organization’s strategies is the Pop-Up Perishable Food Program, a way to make fresh, nutritional food more readily available. Joining us to explain is ‎chief development officer Marcia Paulson. ~~~ Inside Energy’s Leigh Patterson looks into efforts to beef up regulations on the oil and gas industry.

Cowboy Cricket Farms of Belgrade, Montana says there’s a need for edible insects in our country.  They say crickets are a sustainable alternative to many animal products at a fraction of the environmental impact, and are high in protein, iron, and amino acids. Joining us is marketing manager James Rolin. ~~~ If you want to do business in the oil patch, it helps to know what the prospects are for continuing oil activity. That task falls to the US Geological Survey, which estimates how much untapped oil and gas remains underground.