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Battle Brews Over Methane Leaks

Aug 10, 2017
Tim Evanson / Flickr

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency visited North Dakota this week on a 25-state listening tour, amid an effort by the Trump administration to roll back a host of environmental regulations.

The latest battle is over leaks of methane and other invisible gases, which sometimes escape from the equipment that’s supposed to contain them at oil and gas well sites.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is working to halt Obama-era rules requiring stricter controls at those well sites.

New ozone emission rules may not affect ND

Nov 27, 2014

A representative of the state Health Department says all counties in North Dakota would likely be in compliance with a proposed new EPA rule on ozone standards.

The rule would limit ozone emissions to 65 to 70 parts per billion. The current rule is 75 parts per billion. The proposed range is less than the 60 parts per billion that the environmental community had recommended.

The North Dakota Public Service Commission will be holding hearings into what costs for pollution control equipment to be installed at the Big Stone power plant in South Dakota will have to be borne by North Dakota customers.

Installing the equipment will cost more than $400 million. Otter Tail Power Company and Montana Dakota Utilities have an ownership stake in the plant.  Commissioner Julie Fedorchak says the new equipment will bring Big Stone in line with federal EPA regulations, as well as South Dakota’s State Improvement Plan for environmental haze.

Pollution control on MT plant could cost ND consumers

Jul 11, 2013

Pollution control equipment to be installed at a Montana power plant could mean higher electric rates for North Dakotans who are customers of Montana-Dakota Utilities.

MDU owns the Lewis and Clark coal plant in Montana. To meet EPA guidelines, MDU will have to spend nearly 28 million dollars to add pollution control equipment to the plant. And under the proposal, North Dakota customers will see their electric bills rise $1.40 a month.