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Peter Schickele Talks of His Days in Fargo

Jul 14, 2017

In the Spring of 2017, The Fargo-Moorhead Symphony presented the North Dakota premiere of "Concerto for Simply Grand Piano", a new commission by composer Peter Schickele in his humorous mode.  Schickele won two Grammy awards for his comedic classical music recordings by "P.D.Q. Bach".  He came to Fargo for the occasion, and read to an appreciative audience (that included many old friends) a memoir of his years in the town.

Artist, ND Native James Rosenquist Dies at Age 83

Apr 4, 2017

At age 83, the accomplished artists and Grand Forks native James Rosenquist passed away over the weekend in New York City. Reporter Todd McDonald has this remembrance…

FM Opera

This includes not only background and discussion about the operetta, but some music selections as well, including "A Most Ingenious Paradox" and "With Cat-Like Tread".  The latter includes a segment we bet you did not know came from Gilbert and Sullivan. 

FM Opera says "Join us for love, laugh, and a whole lot of groovy fun ... Gilbert and Sullivan take on the 1960's."

Fargo Moorhead Opera web page here.


Fargo Moorhead Opera Pirates of Penzance

Mar 23, 2017
FM Opera

David Hamilton talks with stage director Eric Gibson and cast members Peter Johnson (The Pirate King) and Melissa Parks (Ruth) from their new production of the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, "The Pirates of Penzance".  There are some musical excerpts, too.  FM Opera describes the production thus.  "Renowned for songs such as "I am a Pirate King!", "Poor Wandring One" & "I am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General," this rollicking comic opera shifts from the high seas to the world of high finance with dashing James Bond inspired pirates, bumbling police officers, dim-witted young lov

One of the things this project does to encourage people to "unpack" their memories of military service is to do workshops in which they inscribe or impress things into cups, of soft porcelain clay, which are then fired and kept by the person with the memories, or their family.  Bill Thomas attended one such workshop and recorded people making their cups, and bringing up memories of military service.  We hear from workshop participants, which included Hilda Wanner, Doug Odegaard, John McClain, Henry LaBore, Ronald Kaeslin, Art & Arlene Carlson, John & Mary Conlin.  Also there from P

FM Opera

David Hamilton, FM OPera Director; Magic Flute director, Patrick Hansen; and singers Holly Flack, Kyle Tomlin, Keely Borland, and Elsa Queron. More discussion of the steampunk style of this production, and not only the high notes but the low notes (one in particular) come in for attention.

Emily Wheeler

David Hamilton talks about the new production with the director, Patrick Hansen, who came up with the steampunk concept, and several of the actors.  They include Holly Flack, Kyle Tomlin, Keely Borland, and Elsa Queron.  Costumes, high notes, and the fact that it is in English all come up. 

Studio Crawl Preview: Photographer Tim Lamey

Sep 30, 2016
John Corley

Like many art forms, photography can be very subjective. Should the photographer edit a photo a lot, a little, or not at all? Is the goal to show a picture exactly as it looked, or create something more dynamic? What kind of message is the photographer trying to tell? Tim Lamey is an Upper Midwest based landscape photographer and one of his significant projects was highlighting oil development in Western North Dakota’s Bakken region.

Studio Crawl Preview: Metal Artist Karman Rheault

Sep 29, 2016
John Corley

Have you ever heard the phrase, “to cut something like a hot knife through butter?” We often use it to refer to something as being easy. But what if we replaced butter with steel? And instead of a knife, it was a device that can reach 30,000 degrees. If steel is combined with those 30,000 degrees, the effect will be the same as if it was a hot knife through butter. Karman Rheault (ROW) has harnessed that intense heat and uses it to create artwork out of metal.

Studio Crawl Preview: Glass Artist Jodi Peterson

Sep 28, 2016
John Corley

If you’re wearing jewelry, look closely, it may have glass beads on it. Some may be smooth, others with grooves. Glass beads can have one color, others multicolored. But have you ever stopped and wondered how they were actually made?

Jodi Peterson is a glass artist in Moorhead and, she creates her art under the name Wolf Nest Glass Studios. She is making a glass bead, like the ones on jewelry, and it’s being made from the searing hot flames of mapp gas.