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Studio Crawl Preview: Painter Cheryl Cassman

Sep 27, 2016
John Corley

For some of us art is innate. We have the ability to take a blank canvas, use our imagination, and make something come alive on it. But many more of us don’t have that ability. We may have tried once or twice but find the creative process difficult and give up. Now imagine creating something partially blind.

So, how can you create a painting when you can’t really see what you’re doing?

Studio Crawl Preview: Wood Carver Barry Kutzer

Sep 26, 2016
John Corley

In North Dakota, September means winter is fast approaching. Being prepared may include having enough firewood to stay warm at home. For wood sculptor Barry Kutzer, rather than just burn the wood, he believes there is art inside of it waiting to be set free.

Picture a small log. Make it about a foot wide and half a foot thick. Now imagine that the log is a wizard, or a cowboy, or even a Viking. Finally, picture those figures in extreme, life-like detail. Barry Kutzer doesn’t just imagine it, he makes it happen.

'Green Revolution' retooled, now back on display

Aug 16, 2016
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

An exhibit at the North Dakota Heritage Center which became somewhat controversial has re-opened – after being re-tooled.

“Green Revolution” is actually a traveling exhibit from the Smithsonian. The State Historical Society closed it temporarily after some in the oil and coal industries objected to its perceived anti-fossil fuel message.

John Corley





It’s no secret that people in North Dakota drink plenty of beer. According to the Brewers Association, legal drinking North Dakotans drink more beer per capita than any other state except for New Hampshire. Despite the states affinity for beer, the movement for craft beer has become a more recent trend.

Fargo Moorhead Opera Madama Butterfly Part 2

Oct 29, 2015

Fargo Moorhead Opera's production of Puccini's famous opera, discussed by the cast and Director.

Fargo Moorhead Opera Madama Butterfly

Oct 29, 2015

Opera from the Inside -- David Hamilton, Music Director of the Fargo-Moorhead opera, interviews cast members and the Director of their production of Puccini's "Madama Butterfly".

Plains Art Auction for Carnavale Gala

Apr 30, 2015
Star Wallowing Bull/ Raul Gomez

The art exhibit for the annual fundraiser auction at the Plains Art Museum is great to look at, according to Bill Thomas, who visited it with Plains Curator Rebecca Dunham.  They talk about the regional character of the show and a couple of the most arresting pieces. 

More on the exhibit and the auction at

A longer, unedited version of this interview is here.

Raul Gomez/Star Wallowing Bull

Saturday, May 2nd is the annual fundraising Gala at the Plains Art Museum in Fargo.  Part of it is the Art Auction -- artists donate a work and people at the Gala can bid on them -- the proceeds in some cases going  100% to the museum, in others being split with the artist.  Prairie Public's Bill Thomas has a special attraction for these auction shows -- he thinks they have a special excitement because of the type of works the artists contribute.

Movie Reviews: "Unbroken" and "Wild"

Jan 9, 2015

Plains Folk Essay: "Sanitary Home"

Nov 19, 2014

Plains Folk Essay: "Sanitary Home" from essayist Tom Isern.