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The North Dakota University System’s Council of College Faculties has written a letter to the chair and vice-chair of the state Board of Higher Education, outlining its concern about “a lack of procedure” concerning a report on the system’s Chancellor.

ND University System

A casualty of a tight state budget.

The Board of Higher Education has decided none of the 11 college and university presidents will be getting a raise. Neither will the Chancellor, or the staff at the University System office.

That’s in-line with the decision by the state Legislature to not give salary increases to state employees.

The last time the presidents received a raise was in 2014.

Board member Kevin Melicher of Fargo said while everyone understands the state’s fiscal situation, this can’t continue for very long.

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The state Board of Higher Education has given North Dakota State College of Science President John Richman the go-ahead to begin a fundraising campaign for a new career workforce academy for Fargo.

Richman had asked the board for that authority last November – but the matter was tabled.

The academy would be similar to a career academy on the Bismarck State College campus. That building is owned by the Bismarck school district.

ND University System

The proposed fiscal 2018 budget for the North Dakota University System office is $65.8 million.

That’s down from $91.7 million in fiscal 2017.

Of that figure -- $4.2 million is spent on governance. The rest goes to student grants, technology and other projects.

But some members of the Board of Higher Education’s Budget and Finance Committee say there’s some mis-information about this line item.

Board member Nick Hacker said some people believe all of that goes to administration.

Colleges propose 4% tuition increases for undergrads

May 16, 2017
ND University System

The Board of Higher Education has approved the annual budget guidelines for the state’s 11 public colleges and universities.

This will include tuition increases.

The 2017 legislature allowed the campuses to raise tuition to a cap of four percent for in-state students.

"For all campuses, they are requesting a maximum tuition rate increase of 4 percent," said University System Finance Director Tammy Dolan. "That's the Legislative cap."

BHE hoping to find money for NDSU's Dunbar Hall

Dec 15, 2016
Courtesy NDSU

In his executive budget, Governor Dalrymple included one building project.

It’s for a Communications and Fine Arts building at Valley City State University. Funding would come from the special Strategic Infrastructure Investment Fund.

The Board of Higher Education had set as it's second priority demolishing and replacing NDSU’s Dunbar Hall, a chemistry research building built in the 1960s. The building has what Board member Don Morton described as serious structural issues.

Morton was disappointed it was left out of the budget request.

State College of Science looks to expand in Fargo

Nov 11, 2016
Courtesy NDSCS

The North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton is looking for a major expansion of its Fargo campus.

It will ask the state Board of Higher Education to allow it to begin a fundraising campaign for a new location in Fargo. The projected cost: $46 million.

NDSCS President John Richman told the Board's Budget and Finance Committee there are 5000 open jobs in the Fargo-Moorhead metro area right now, and that's projected to grow to 30,000 by 2020.

We all understand the workforce demands and workforce issues that are out there," Richman said.

Courtesy ND Legislature

The chairman of the Legislature’s interim Higher Education committee said the University System, like all of state government, has to face reality.

"Clearly, we are in a cost-containment time frame now," Rep Mark Sanford (R-Grand Forks) told the state Board of Higher Education Thursday. Sanford said he believes the system would still be in a cost-containment time even if the state’s budget looked like it did five years ago – during the oil boom.

Staff for the North Dakota University System have given the Board of Higher Education’s Budget and Finance Committee a first look at how the allotments, plus Gov. Jack Dalrymple’s request for 90 percent budgets for the upcoming two year period, will affect the System’s spending.

System chief financial officer Tammy Dolan told the committee – when you take the 6 ½ percent allotments, plus another 3 ½ percent cut – to add up to 10 percent – it would mean a $49.5 million reduction for the 2017-2019 biennium. Dolan said the biggest area of spending is in personnel.

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The Board of Higher Education is delaying a decision on extending NDSU President Dean Breschani’s contract until its November meeting.

The proposal was to extend that contract another year, to June 30th, 2018. But after a 2 ½ hour closed door meeting, the Board voted 7-1 to review Breschani’s progress on meeting some goals – including communication, teamwork, collaboration, IT consolidation and research.