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ND Commerce dept.

03021 Trucking                                                        4-17-18 ddt

The most recent Omnibus spending bill Congress approved has a provision that eases load restriction on North Dakota Interstate highways.

It affects I-29 and I-94.

"What that means is, we can probably decrease our cost of transportation by 30 percent," said North Dakota Commerce Commissioner Jay Schuler. "In the case of containers, we'll be able to pull two 20 foot containers versus one."

Schuler said there's a little more expense on loading and unloading.

So far, China has not taken any formal action to impose tariffs on soybeans.

China has taken some retaliatory action against US goods and commodities – after the Trump Administration announced it was imposing tariffs on some Chinese products.

What happens if China impose tariffs or embargoes on US soybeans?

"We are looking at $1.5 billion less of exports for the state of North Dakota," said North Dakota Soybean Growers Association executive director Nancy Johnson.

Todd McDonald / Prairie Public

After receiving patent approval earlier this month a Wahpeton manufacturer is looking to not only expand its facilities – but to also launch a new technology in rubber belting.

Prairie Public's Todd McDonald has this story.

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The 4th annual “Farming and Ranching for the Bottom Line” was held Tuesday at Bismarck State College.

The conference was held to talk about the weather outlook, crop production, grazing strategies and economics, especially in dry years.

David Archer is a research leader at the Northern Great Plains Research Laboratory, south of Mandan. His topic was “Economics of Improving Soil Quality.” Archer said one practice toward improving soil quality is “no-till” farming.

Bismarck's Kirkwood Mall to get a face-lift

Feb 8, 2018
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

50 years ago, ground was broken for Bismarck’s Kirkwood Mall.

Now, the Mall is undergoing a face-lift.

Part of the reason for it was a flood the mall suffered a year ago. Proceeds from the insurance settlement will help pay for the renovation.

Plans include new flooring, new paint, new chairs and places for people to stand or sit around small tables.

Keith Grotewald owns Lee’s Hallmark, one of the original stores in the mall, opening in 1970. He said the mall has changed along with shoppers’ wants and needs.

ND Agriculture Dept.

North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring expects his department’s mediation service will be busy – working on issues between farmers and their bankers.

Goehring said the big problem in agriculture is low commodity prices. He said in his discussions with the bankers, they believe that most of the debt farmers incurred in 2017 will probably get taken care of. Goehring said the problem is in moving forward – and that’s because of low crop prices.

John Corley

The Home Builders Association of Fargo-Moorhead announced today that their housing permit growth has remained strong through this years second quarter. The growth is down slightly compared to last year, which had been the best year since 2005, but their overall growth remains high. Tom Spaeth is the president of the Home Builders Association of Fargo-Moorhead, and he says steady growth is aided by weather.

“Until recently the dry weather was very favorable to construction, we’ve had a few weeks of rain here that slowed a few things down.”  

Global Trade Challenges Can Often Come From Home

Apr 1, 2016

Global trade can have its challenges for an exporter as well as an importer. Participants at a North Dakota Trade Office event this week found out the challenges can come from with-in our borders as well as abroad. Todd McDonald has details...

DSU: Strom Center to Close

Mar 30, 2016

After opening its doors near a decade ago, the president of Dickinson State University says the Strom Center is set to close in mid-April…

“The idea was, hopefully, that if you could help people with entrepreneurship and ideas that the prosperity in rural areas would then pick up and people would be more apt to remain within the state. That idea then went forward to actually the opening of the Strom Center, August 24th of 2007. It was mainly due to the generosity of Jerome and Rosie Strom.”

+100 Companies Attend UAS Industry Day

Feb 26, 2016

A day-long conference in Fargo, Thursday, gave representatives from the UAS industry a chance to look at what is being achieved and what frontiers exist for the developing technology…

Reporter Todd McDonald has details…