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United Way of Cass Clay has partnered with Sanford Health to place a student wellness facilitator in the West Fargo School District.

United Way and Sanford each invested 25-thousand dollars for a total of 50-thousand to hire the Imagine Thriving Student Wellness Facilitator this summer, who will begin serving students in the district this fall.

Dr. David Flowers is West Fargo Public Schools Superintendent. He says the need for increased access to mental health care in his district has been evident to him in recent years.

Lincoln mayor: Addiction an 'epidemic'

Jun 19, 2017

The mayor of Lincoln says drug abuse – especially opioid abuse – has become an epidemic.

"Since I've become mayor of Lincoln, which has been about a year and a half, we're pulling a lot more illegal drugs off the streets," said Gerald Wise.

Wise said he’s hoping the new “Gold Star Community Task Force” – spearheaded by the mayors of Bismarck, Mandan and Lincoln – will make a difference.  And he said he hopes the task force will dig deeper into the “why” people are using drugs and becoming addicted.

MDU Rate Increase Approved At Reduced Level

Jun 16, 2017

After nearly 8-months of hearings and discussion the Public Service Commission has approved a rate increase for Montana Dakota Utilities – although not the level proposed by MDU. Commissioner Julie Fedorchak says MDU had initially applied for a 6-point-6 percent rate increase. At that level MDU would raise $13-point-4 Million dollars to cover increased investments in generation transmission and distribution for the region. Fedorchak says AARP-North Dakota raised questions about the rate hike and was allowed to intervene.

MDU Natural Gas Plan For Gwinner/Bobcat Approved

Jun 16, 2017

Members of the North Dakota Public Service Commission have approved plans to expand natural gas service in the southeastern corner of the state… Commissioner Brain Kroshus says…

“MDU proposes to construct and operate approximately 21-miles of 12-inch plastic pipe from a tap on the Alliance Pipeline to Bobcat’s Gwinner, North Dakota facility. MDU expects to invest approximately $13.8-Million in the new facilities to serve Bobcat.”

The drought conditions being seen in most areas of North Dakota are forcing many farmers and ranchers to make tough decisions when it comes to raising cattle. Prairie Public reporter Todd McDonald has details...

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The North Dakota Association of School Resource Officers held its first ever North Dakota School safety conference -- in Bismarck this week.

"We're sitting at about 45 to 50 school resource officers in the state," said NDASRO President Chris Potter. He's a Cass County Deputy, and is the school resource officer for the Maple Valley school in Tower City. Potter said when you compare it to the number of North Dakota school districts, that 45 to 50 number seems small.

ND Agriculture dept.

North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring has set up a new hotline for ranchers affected by drought.

Goehring said the hotline will connect ranchers in need of hay with those who have hay to sell or available pasture land.

"In the last couple of weeks, we've probably heard more concerns about the fact that we didn't have much rain this entire spring season," Goehring said. "Couple that with above average temperatures and wind, we don't have hardly any forage."

With our warmer weather comes an increased number of vehicles on the road, including an increased presence of motorcycles. State Transportation officials say there are easy guidelines to keep in mind to keep the roadways safe for motorists and motorcyclists.  Prairie Public Reporter Todd McDonald has details…

For more about Code For The Road and Rob Keller's story visit;

Drought conditions worsen

Jun 8, 2017

North Dakota is experiencing drought conditions like it hasn't seen in years.

Much of the state is considered to be in moderate drought stage. The southwestern corner, along with a lot of the Red River Valley, is currently classified as abnormally dry. And south central extending a bit into central North Dakota is officially in a severe drought. State climatologist Adnan Akyuz says current models project dry conditions to persist throughout the next several weeks. Akyuz says jet stream patterns are not promising any meaningful rainfall in the future.

'Historic Buffalo Trail Tour' launches Saturday

Jun 8, 2017
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

A celebration of the buffalo – and the role it has played in the west.

That’s the purpose of a new tour – called the Historic Buffalo Trail Tour. It will be self-guided, and will feature 10 sites in North and South Dakota, near the towns of Hettinger, Reeder and Scranton in North Dakota, and the South Dakota towns of Lemmon, Bison and Buffalo.

Francie Berg of Hettinger has written the self guided tour book.