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Early flu season hitting Benson, Ramsey counties

Nov 7, 2018

Health officials are calling this year's flu season "early," with 223 lab confirmed cases of influenza already recorded.

Jill Baber is an epidemiologist with the North Dakota Department of Health. She says most of this fall's flu cases have centered around Benson and Ramsey counties, but it's now showing up in other counties statewide. She says children are being affected the most, with 89 of those confirmed cases being identified in kids under the age of ten.

D. Webster

Senator Heidi Heitkamp began her final push to election day with a rally at the Fargo Air Museum Thursday - with former Vice President Joe Biden joining her on stage. 

Heitkamp will be traveling by bus to more than 20 different towns across North Dakota. She says one of the biggest challenges in America today is bringing people together - and that's something she hopes to accomplish during the end of her campaign against her opponent Kevin Cramer.

D. Webster

The West Fargo Police Department has established a scholarship fund to provide local residents with access to a program called Project Lifesaver.

Medical marijuana program ready for applicants

Oct 29, 2018

Patient applications are open for North Dakota's medical marijuana program.

A former Republican Senator and Secretary of Defense is traveling North Dakota in support of Senator Heidi Heitkamp's re-election campaign.

Chuck Hagel served as a Senator from the state of Nebraska from 1997 to 2009, and as Secretary of Defense from 2013 to 2015 under President Obama. Hagel has also been heavily involved in veterans issues for the last 50 years. He himself is a Vietnam veteran. Hagel says he sees the kind of work Heitkamp has done in the Senate, and he is happy to support her re-election bid.

UND prepares for new steam plant

Oct 24, 2018
University of North Dakota

As UND looks to replace its current coal-fired steam heating plant with one powered by natural gas there are some taking a moment to reflect on what the current system has meant to the University.

Prairie Public Reporter Todd McDonald has details…

Opposition to Measure 3 claims serious consequences

Oct 9, 2018

A North Dakota based coalition against the passage of Measure 3 says other states that have legalized recreational marijuana are seeing negative consequences.

Prairie Public's Danielle Webster has the story.

Measure 3 proponents say "Educate yourself."

Oct 8, 2018

With less than one month to go before Election Day, organizers of ballot measure number three say it’s “full speed ahead” but there is still work to accomplish… Prairie Public reporter Todd McDonald has details…

Heitkamp says she will not vote to confirm Kavanaugh

Oct 4, 2018

"I will not vote to confirm him."

Senator Heidi Heitkamp says she waited until she had a chance to review the FBI report from its investigation into Judge Brett Kavanaugh before deciding how she would vote on his nomination to the Supreme Court. Heitkamp says as a former lawyer, prosecutor and North Dakota Attorney General, she knew she needed to see all the information before she made her final decision. She says any Senator who had made up their mind before reviewing the report did so prematurely.

Kavanaugh protest in Fargo

Sep 28, 2018

A small group of protesters gathered outside the Federal Building in downtown Fargo today to oppose Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.

Hillary Kay was one of them.

"I am wearing a handmaid's costume, and that's kind of a stealth declaration because unless you are inclined, I think, to progressive concerns - you're not likely to recognize it."

Kay says this wasn't her first time to a protest with her costume.