General News

Bismarck, ND – Next week -- members of the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission will be in North Dakota -- to look at coal mines and power plants.

The P-U-C members are coming at the invite of the North Dakota Public Service Commission. Tony Clark is a member of the North Dakota P-S-C. He says Minnesota lawmakers and regulators have struggled with environmental concerns over coal-generated electricity....

(N-PSC-MN-1--"look at it"--:23)

Bismarck, ND – An economic survey finds a tenth straight month of economic decline in the Midwest.

Creighton University professor Ernie Goss surveys business leaders and purchasing managers. And that survey finds an overall business index in August of 45-point-six in nine states. Under his formula, an index of 50 indicates growth-neutral status -- while above 50 signifies economic growth.