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Elevator insolvency case nearly closed

Oct 25, 2017

A nearly three year old elevator insolvency case has been closed.


It involves the Grand Forks Bean Company. That elevator dealt with edible beans. It went into insolvency after not being able to pay farmers’ claims.

The last such claim has now been paid. The courts said Curt Amundson had a “credit sale” contract with Grand Forks Bean. Public Service Commissioner Randy Christmann said Amundson was paid from the Credit Sale Contract Indemnity Fund.

Xcel Energy, Wanzek Construction partner on wind farms

Oct 24, 2017
D. Webster

Xcel Energy is expanding its wind energy portfolio.

They've partnered with Wanzek Construction to build the Foxtail Wind Farm in Dickey County, North Dakota, as well as the Freeborn Wind Farm located primarily in Iowa with some turbines located in Minnesota. The projects will total 350 megawatts and about 175 turbines. Mark Nisbet is principal manager of Xcel Energy. He says including wind in their energy portfolio helps keep their electric rates down.

FM Diversion Task Force meets in Fargo

Oct 23, 2017

The first meeting of the Fargo-Moorhead Area Flood Diversion Task Force took place in Fargo today.

The task force consists of 16 people, 8 from Minnesota and 8 from North Dakota, plus each state's governor. The Diversion was halted in September when Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources refused to issue needed permits. Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney says collaboration on this level has always been needed. He says he's optimistic going forward.

AARP offering "TEK" training in ND and Mn

Oct 23, 2017
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

AARP is providing workshops to people 50 and older – to help them with technology use.

AARP calls its training “TEK” – for Technology, Education and Knowledge.

"We find there are a lot of people aged 50 and up who are not technology-savvy," said AARP Community Program Manager Denise Madeja, one of the trainers in the "TEK" seminar. "They're intimidated to learn."

Madeja said the training being offered this week in Bismarck, Fargo and Moorhead is designed to teach people 50 and older how to use their smartphones and tablets.

Could North Dakota be in store for a LaNina winter?

Oct 20, 2017

Weather patterns in the South Pacific are bordering on a La Nina style formation. As a result the forecast for the upcoming winter is a bit “mixed.” Reporter Todd McDonald has details…

Talking farm bill and federal budgets In Moorhead

Oct 20, 2017

          “It was really sort of a ‘Not Unexpected’ outcome…”

That’s how Minnesota U-S Senator Amy Klobuchar describes Thursday night’s vote on the Senate budget resolution. Klobuchar says the mostly party-line vote is a non-binding precursor to an actual budget vote before the end of the year…

Wind energy is growing North Dakota's economy

Oct 20, 2017

North Dakota's future in wind energy is looking promising.

According to a study by North Dakota State University's Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics, wind energy had an economic impact of more than 170-million dollars in 2016. Tammy Ibach is director of North Dakotans for Comprehensive Energy Solutions. She says the study predicts a growing future for North Dakota's energy strategy.

A new campaign finance study found a large portion of contributions to campaigns of legislative candidates went unreported in 2016.

Dr. Nicholas Barouth is managing director of the Upper Midwest Regional Center on Public Policy at North Dakota State University. He says a loophole in the state's campaign finance law allows some contributions to remain undisclosed - any contribution $200 or less does not need to be reported. 38 percent of contributions during the 2016 campaign were labeled " no reportable contributions for reporting period. Barouth says this creates an issue.

A 51 year old Bismarck man faces charges in connection with an assault on a Bismarck police officer Sunday.

That assault happened at the Bismarck Motor Motel on East Main Avenue.

Shortly before 10 am, the officer arrived – and before he could get out his squad car, the officer was attacked. The complaint alleges Donald Miller, whose last known address is Bismarck, punched the officer in the head and gouged his eyes. The officer tried to tase the subject, but that failed – so the officer shot the suspect in the abdomen.

Bismarck police officer attacked, shot attacker

Oct 15, 2017

A Bismarck police officer was involved in an altercation Sunday morning in which he shot a man who had attacked him.

Bismarck Police Chief Dan Donlin said the officer went to the Bismarck Motor Motel on east Main Avenue shortly before 10 am to follow-up an unrelated call.

"When the officer arrived in the parking lot, and before he could get out of his squad car, he was suddenly attacked by a male subject," Donlin said in a Facebook video. "He punched the officer repeatedly in the head, and started to gouge the officer's eyes, while the officer was still in the car."