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Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The North Dakota Department of Agriculture sponsors the Hunger Free North Dakota Garden Program -- which is designed to help provide fresh fruits and vegetables to food pantries across the state.

North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring joined volunteers at a corn plot south of Bismarck, at the Lincoln-Oakes Nursery.

"It's a little over three acres," Goehring said. "We have numerous volunteers showing up to help us pick this corn. And it's going toward a worthy cause."

First ND Opioid Treatment Center Opens

Aug 16, 2016

On Monday of Last week, North Dakota and Wyoming were the only states WITHOUT an available medical opioid treatment program. That statistic has now changed. Reporter Todd McDonald has details...

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

Thirty new faculty members, administrators and staff at the University of North Dakota are getting a first-hand look at the state – by bus.

It’s the 25th time UND has hosted this bus tour.

Adam Matz came to UND from Lexington, Kentucky. He will be teaching criminal justice.

"This is a particularly good job opportunity," Matz said. "I looked at different places across the country, and it worked out."

Matz said he likes the climate here -- at least right now. He also likes Grand Forks.

Heitkamp calls on Congress to protect worker's pensions

Aug 15, 2016

Senator Heidi Heitkamp is calling for a bipartisan solution to protect the retirement savings of 2-thousand North Dakotans, and hundreds of thousands of retirees nationwide.

Earlier this year, those workers and retirees were in danger of losing up to 60 percent of their pensions under a plan to restructure the multiemployer pension plan, which is no longer solvent. The Department of Treasury ended up rejecting that proposal in May, but no solution to the solvency problem has been proposed.

Division of Vital Records Issues Its Fun Facts

Aug 12, 2016

Did you know in each day of 2015 North Dakota saw 31 babies born, 13 marriages took place and 6 divorces became final? Those are some of the facts included in a new report from the Division of Vital Records.

Darin Meschke is director of the Division of Vital Records for the state Health Department. He says 2015 was a good year for newborns in North Dakota…

GFPD establishes "safe trade zone"

Aug 12, 2016
Grand Forks Police Department

Grand Forks residents now have a safe place to go to meet and exchange items bought or sold online.

A recent survey asked members of the LGBTQ community how they have been treated by centers that deal with sexual and physical abuse.

"About 30 percent felt unwelcome at centers," said Zachary Packineau, the chair of the state Health Department's LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee.

Packineau said that survey was done in 2015. And he said there are several reasons for that result.

"North Dakota has a long-standing anti-LGBTQ political climate," Packineau said. "So there's a sense of not being able to be 'out' publicly."

ND Libertarian Party Looks At Winds of Change

Aug 10, 2016

After seeing growth over the past several elections, officials with North Dakota’s Libertarian Party say 2016 is continuing the movement. Fargo businessman Jack Seaman is spokesman for the North Dakota Libertarian Party and is the party’s endorsed candidate for Congress.…

“…As a direct result of our performance in the 2014 election we earned ballot access for 2016. And what that means is that we don’t have to petition for ballot access. We earned it through the number of votes we received, and that makes things a lot easier.”

Opioid Talks - No Easy Answers

Aug 10, 2016
John Corley / Prairie Public

Officials from the federal, state, and local levels along with members of the public are rallying in an effort to help stem problems associated with opioid abuse in North Dakota.  Reporter Todd McDonald has details...

North Dakota Horse Park reports successful summer

Aug 9, 2016

The manager of the North Dakota Horse Park says it was a successful year for horse racing in Fargo.

Mike Schmitz says despite having to take a year off of races at the horse park, and competing with a couple of other community events - attendance at the races was higher than it was in 2014.