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Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

Bismarck police call it a “very dangerous situation.”

They’re talking about the increase in opiate abuse – especially heroin laced with fentanyl. Police have had reports of three suspected overdoses in the past few weeks. One person has died, another is in critical condition at a local hospital. The third was given the antidote drug Narcan in time, and the victim survived.

Bismarck police detective Jerry Stein says heroin used to be a very pricey drug. But he told reporters that price has come down.

D. Webster

Cankdeska Cikana Community College is located on the Spirit Lake Nation Reservation in Fort Totten, North Dakota, south of the city of Devils Lake. As part of our Chasing the Dream series, Prairie Public's Danielle Webster spoke with college president Dr. Cynthia Lindquist about the tribal college's role in lifting Native Americans out of poverty.

Funding for Chasing the Dream comes from the JPB Foundation and the Ford Foundation, with additional funding from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.


UND "Fighting Hawks" Logo Unveiled

Jun 22, 2016
John Corley

First it was the University of North Dakota Flickertails, then the Fighting Sioux and today UND Athletics will operate under the banner – and logo of “Fighting Hawks”. Reporter Todd McDonald has details…

Minnesota's Bonding Bill Has Local Positive Impact

Jun 10, 2016

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton is visiting with officials in Greater Minnesota as part of his effort to have lawmakers find a compromise solution and complete the work of the recently ended legislative session. In a visit to Moorhead, Thursday the Governor was given a first-hand account of what hangs in the balance…  Reporter Todd McDonald has details…

A West Fargo lawmaker says North Dakota may not have the revenues seen in the 2015 legislative session but there will still be money available for priorities. Republican Senator Judy Lee says one priority will include dealing with the opioid crisis in North Dakota… Reporter Todd McDonald has details.

Tornado shelter to be built at Graner Park

Jun 7, 2016

The Morton County Park District has received a federal grant to build a tornado shelter at Graner Park, 19 miles south of Mandan along the Missouri River.

It’s the first tornado shelter in North Dakota to receive FEMA funds. FEMA will pay 70 percent of the cost, which is $34,000 of the $46,000 total.

It’s still considered the definitive book on North Dakota’s history.

And it will soon be available as an “open educational resource.”

The University of North Dakota will soon begin digitizing Elwyn Robinson’s “History of North Dakota.” The book was written in the 1960s, and has been updated since then.

"This is the seminal work on the history of North Dakota," said UND Dean of Libraries and Information Resources Stephanie Walker. "It's still well-used. and it is still available as a textbook -- for money."

Walker says the plan is to make it open-source.

Senator Heidi Heikamp says one of the largest issues facing rural North Dakota – AND rural America – is having available healthcare… Reporter Todd McDonald brings us this story...

ND GOP Governors Debate #5

Jun 2, 2016
Todd McDonald / Prairie Public

The two Republican candidates for Governor met Wednesday night for their final formal debate before the North Dakota Primary election. Reporter Todd McDonald has details…

'The 100 Deadliest Days' on the highways

Jun 1, 2016

Triple A has dubbed the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day “The 100 Deadliest Days.”

"We see teens driving a lot more, because they're not in school and have a lot more time on their hands," said Triple A North Dakota's Gene LaDoucer. "they're doing a lot more driving. So we tend to see crash risk among teens increase sharply, during the summer months."

LaDoucer says there is a special emphasis on educating teens and their parents about the special dangers during this time. He says about 60 percent of crashes that involve teen drivers are due to distracted driving.