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T.McDonald / Prairie Public

The Democratic-endorsed candidate for state Treasurer says the state can save the state a good deal of money by eliminating the office of Treasurer.

Reporter Todd McDonald has details...

Fargo kids learn about possibilities with drones

Oct 25, 2016

Elementary students in Fargo heard a presentation about drones today.

Prairie Public's Danielle Webster reports.

North Dakota Democrats are wondering - what will it take for Republicans in the state to denounce Donald Trump?

Karla Hanson is a candidate for the North Dakota House of Representatives in District 44. She says up until recently, she and her husband have encouraged their young sons to watch political debates and discuss them as a family. Hanson says so far this year, she's watched Trump mock a disabled reporter and disrespect a Gold Star family - but due to recent developments, she and her husband sat down with their sons to discuss some comments made by Trump.

Farm/Ranch Hotline for DAPL region

Oct 12, 2016

Farmers and ranchers impacted by activities along the proposed route of the Dakota Access Pipeline now have a hotline to call for help.

Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring says some farmers and ranchers in the area have expressed the need for assistance in getting their seasonal work finished before winter arrives. Goehring says that may include hauling grain, livestock or hay. He says farmers can call the hotline to be connected with a volunteer who can make sure they get the assistance they need.

Volunteers with the Red Cross are mobilizing for landfall of Hurricane Matthew this weekend - and some volunteers will be traveling from North Dakota.

Jessica Kulzer is the disaster program manager for the Red Cross. She says a volunteer team is leaving from Fargo today with an Emergency Response Vehicle for Tallahassee, Florida. She says volunteers are also leaving from Minot.

The University of North Dakota has completed its investigation into racially charged photos being shared by students on social media platforms.

A statement from UND states that in each incident investigated, it was determined that no state laws were broken and no violations of the UND Code of Student Life were made. The statement said the conclusion was reached by considering the Constitutional right of free speech.

West Fargo's Dauwen named North Dakota Teacher of the Year

Sep 29, 2016

An algebra teacher in West Fargo has been named North Dakota's Teacher of the Year for 2017.

Nancy Dauwen teaches Algebra I and II at Sheyenne High School in West Fargo. Governor Jack Dalrymple and State School Superintendent Kirsten Baesler presented Dauwen with the Teacher of the Year award this afternoon in the Sheyenne Mustangs gymnasium in front of hundreds of high school students.

House Democrats hosted a forum Thursday to discuss Federal trust responsibility to Native American tribes, tribal sovereignty and treaty obligations.

College students vulnerable to scams, ID theft

Sep 15, 2016

Many college students are now immersed in their studies may not realize they are some of the most vulnerable when it comes to identity theft and fraud.

Dan Hendrickson is with the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota. He says there are a couple of new scams coming up that specifically target college students. In one scam, a student is called and told they owe taxes on their tuition - which isn't true. He says another scam threatens arrest.