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It's income tax season

Feb 15, 2018

Income tax season is underway.

And North Dakota Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger said if you are to receive a tax refund, you’ll notice it will be coming back a little slower than it used to. The reason:

"It's because we're (the tax department) so focused on fraud detection," Rauschenberger said. "The department stopped about $2 million in fraudulent refunds over the last couple of years, and more than 1,400 fraud cases."

ND income tax forms available on-line

Dec 28, 2017
ND Tax Dept.

North Dakota’s income tax forms and booklets are now available on-line.

But when you will be able to file your tax return is still up in the air.

State tax commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger said that’s due to the passage of the federal tax cut bill.

"The IRS would normally start allowing filing by mid-January," Rauschenberger said. "But with all the changes brought on by the tax reform bill, that's been delayed a bit."

And Rauschenberger said because North Dakota is federalized -- meaning it follows the IRS filing guidelines -- filing may be delayed.

ND Tax Dept.

North Dakota’s Tax Commissioner has been analyzing the new federal tax cut bill – and what kind of effect it might have on the state’s income taxes.

Ryan Rauschenberger said he’s been focusing his analysis on the changes to the federal individual income tax. He said he’s especially been looking at the doubling of the standard deduction and the removal of dependent exemptions.

"We expect the individual income tax revenue effects to be fairly minimal," Rauschenberger said. "It almost comes out as a wash."

State income tax collections down

Jun 26, 2017
Office of Management and Budget

The latest report from the Office of Management and Budget shows income tax collections in May were about $19.8 million lower than the March revenue forecast.

"We have found that there were about 28,000 fewer filers than had filed in the previous year," said OMB director Pam Sharp. "Of those filers, the average adjusted gross income went from $71,000 to $68,500 per return."

Sharp said that reflects the slowdown in the state’s oil economy in 2016.

Senate defeats income tax relief bill

Apr 16, 2015

03043 Income tax                                        4-16-15 ddt

The state Senate has killed a bill to give further individual and corporate income tax relief.

First, the bill was amended from a $150 million tax relief bill to $33 million. Those who spoke against the relief bill say North Dakotans want property tax relief, not income tax cuts – and they say the $33 million could be used other places to shore up things like education and human service budgets.

Income tax relief bills on hold

Mar 20, 2015

One of the uncertainties following this week’s new budget forecast is whether the Legislature will be granting income and corporate tax relief.

Two bills are pending in the Legislature – one would grant a total of $125 million in individual and corporate income tax relief – the other has a $150 million price tag.

"I think there will be something," said House Majority Leader Al Carlson (R-Farg0). "My reaction is to do something. But we're going to have to delay it until the money's there."

Income tax reduction passes House

Feb 23, 2015

The House has passed a bill that reduces individual and corporate income taxes.

It was one of several proposals introduced.

Each tax rate is reduced by 10 percent. It could cost the state treasury $152 million over the next two years.

Opponents said this is not the time to cut back on revenues – when budgets are being reduced.

Wardner: Fervor to cut state income tax cooling

Feb 2, 2015

With the uncertainty surrounding oil prices – and the subsequent effects on tax collections – the push to lower or eliminate state income taxes appears to be losing steam.

Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner (R-Dickinson) says the Republicans’ latest revenue forecast shows losses in oil, sales and income taxes – and he believes lawmakers will tread lightly on cutting the income tax.

"Keep in mind that we have cut income taxes the last three bienniums," said Wardner. "The income tax in North Dakota is very low."

Fong: 'record-setting' tax season

May 15, 2013

Tax Commissioner Cory Fong says the 2013 North Dakota Income Tax season is one for the record books.

"We had a record number of returns filed," said Fong. "This year, almost 400,000 were filed before the deadline."

85 percent of those were filed electronically. And Fong says that doesn't count returns that will come in under the extension deadline, Oct. 15th.

Fong says his office issued 231,000 refunds, worth about $55 million. That averaged $240. He says those numbers were down slightly from last year.