information technology

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

Two Democratic NPL statewide candidates say the state of North Dakota needs to up its game when it comes to information technology.

They say, for example, businesses that have to file registration information with the Secretary of State’s office, or tax information with the state Tax Department are often frustrated with the difficulty in doing that, given the current IT platforms.

Tax Commissioner candidate Kylie Overson told Bismarck reporters she’s been talking with Secretary of State candidate Joshua Boschee about creating a “Hub.”

ITD working on consolidation plans

Aug 6, 2018

North Dakota’s information technology department is continuing to work toward consolidation of IT services under one umbrella department.

State Chief Information Officer Shawn Riley calls it a work in progress. Riley said his agency is doing a “deep data collection” on IT – who in what state agency is working in IT, what they do and what systems they have.

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

North Dakota’s chief information officer says as the state becomes more computerized, the threats of computer hacking grow along with it.

"Lots of people say, 'North Dakota -- we're small, and nobody's coming after us," CIO Shawn Riley said at a meeting of elected and appointed state department heads. "On average, we defend 7.3 million attacks a month. They're comin' after us."

Riley said bad actors are looking at the state both for its energy and its network.

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

North Dakota’s state Internet service is undergoing a huge upgrade.

The carrier – Dakota Carrier Network – will be upgrading "StageNET" to a 100-gigabit network, to provide faster Internet services to K-12 schools and state government.

DCN CEO Seth Arndorfer said students and teachers are going to notice major improvements in what they can do on-line – and how fast they can do it.

Legislative leaders questioning ITD changes

Feb 20, 2018

Legislative leaders are asking for clarification and more information from the state’s Information Technology Department on changes either underway or in the works for ITD.

University system IT working on security

Nov 3, 2014

Information technology professionals in the state University System say they’re working to improve the security of the state’s computer systems – in the wake of some incidents of hacking, and “phishing.”

"We have been focusing on a number of different things, from a security perspective," said University System deputy chief information officer Darren King. "Each of these represents efforts to continue to try and build out security controls that are appropriate in today's threat landscape."

The Legislature’s interim Information Technology Committee has endorsed a bill requiring that North Dakota University System faculty and staff keep e-mails for up to five years.

The action comes because of accusations that NDSU deleted a number of e-mails that were the subject of open records requests. Many dealt with correspondence between NDSU president Dean Breschani and Board of Higher Education members concerning former Chancellor Hamid Shirvani.